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Save Written Arguments Through Different Techniques

Written arguments are usually needed for argumentative essays and analytical research papers. If you have never come across the task of writing an argumentative essay, this concept might seem daunting and time-taking. In the contemporary academic horizons, argumentative writing is placed at the top of all other writing genres and there are many logical reasons for paper writing service.



Are you stuck with an impending deadline for an analytical or an argumentative essay?

You may be aware that argumentative writing is not like regular writing and is more complex than verbal arguments which we tend to make in our daily lives.

New to this concept? Having trouble executing the idea of ​​an argumentative essay or research paper?

 Worry no more, as in this blog, we will explore the underpinnings of how an intricate framework of an argumentative essay is structured and this will surely help you to shape your argument effectively.

 It may be in your knowledge that the thesis statement or a basic premise of any argumentative writing needs to be debatable and must always have room for diverse interpretation or improvement. To serve this purpose, the thesis statement should fall into one of the four following categories of 'claims.'

  1. Claims associated with value:

You must frame your argument according to a specific value claim. It would help you reveal a lot of information about your personal beliefs but you have to keep certain elements in mind when executing your argument corresponding to a value claim. Remember that different groups of people have different sets of values ​​and it is necessary to keep the opposing viewpoint in mind.

  1. Claims about solutions and / or policies:

If you want to promote an existing policy or if there is a new policy framework or solution in your mind which you want to propose, then arguing a claim about solution or policy is recommended. There is an inherent suggestion that in most scenarios, more than one solutions can apply so make sure to thoroughly research one solution or policy which can be considered as applicable.

Does your argumentative essay topic revolve around a proposed policy solution? Do you have a new idea or innovative suggestion but are facing trouble in its execution?

Students sometimes are unable to wrap their heads around a unique idea? Are you in a similar situation?

If yes, then reach out to an expert essay writer for write my paper and just relax! There should be no compromise regarding a good piece of writing and sometimes, all the requirements of an argumentative essay are fulfilled but it just needs a poetic touch or a meticulous analysis.   

Keep reading to see what other argumentative claims you can incorporate in your writing to stand out.

  1. Claims revolving around definitions or facts:

A debatable fact or definition of any abstraction or prevailing conception can help you make a clear distinction between a fact and an inference. Make sure to include clearly defined language, recent data extracted from reliable authorities, and make use of factual claims to make your argumentative writing a little more persuasive.

  1. Claims about debatable causes and effects:

If you add propositions based on the concept that there is always a cause behind an effect, in your argumentative writing, then there is a high probability that you will succeed in convincing the audience about your argument.

TIP : Look into the complex nature of cause and effect and use it to claim that one of the several causes is more crucial than the others. That would lead you directly to a well-structured thesis statement.


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Ways To Polish Your Grammar Skills In Essay Writing

One of the most common reasons that students lose grades on their assignments and tests is that they have poor grammar skills in  writing my essay. Even though we all get tons of assignments to improve our grammar, some of us still lack the command over grammar. The importance of grammar is undeniable. With minor grammar mistakes, the meaning of a sentence changes. Do not believe us? Read this sign at a restaurant:



'You should try our chocolate cakes. None like them. '

Or read this caption of the poster:

'Bag found belonging to a man made of leather.'

By now, you should realize how critical the correct use of grammar is. So let us give you some tips on how you can polish your grammar skills and improve your grade for buy essay. 

Correct use of Apostrophe

Incorrect use of apostrophe usually changes the meaning of the sentence and the reader gets confused. So to avoid that, learn the correct use of apostrophe. A much simpler and common example is of 'its' and 'it'. 'Its' is used to determine that an object belongs to someone. On the other hand, 'it' is the contraction of it is.

Careful use of Homophones

Many people usually mix up words that have similar sounds but different meanings and spellings. Writing 'too' instead of 'two' can ruin your composition. 'Except' instead of 'accept' will completely modify the context and understanding of the reader in literary essay. 

Decide articles cautiously

The most common grammatical mistake is the incorrect use of articles. Students cannot judge where to place 'a', 'an', or 'the'. For general cases, use 'a' or 'an' but when mentioning a specific object or person, use 'the' in how to write a term paper.

Expand your vocabulary

As you read different articles, magazines, and books, you learn new words. This builds up your vocabulary and you use more accurate words instead of using tons of incorrect or irrelevant words. This will let you paint a clearer picture for your reader. If you are having trouble getting a good grade, you can choose any quality essay writing service available online to help you with your assignments. Meanwhile, you can focus on improving your skills calmly in mba essay examples.   

Read more, write more

This is beneficial in more than one way. When you read others' writing, you notice their writing style and pick up new words. Your vocabulary grows and your sentence formation improves. The reading habit will inspire you to write better. Also, practice tests and tasks can significantly improve your grammar skills in less time. After you write, get feedback from your teacher to know how you can improve.

Read it aloud

Proofreading can help you A LOT. As you proofread your writing in a loud voice, you will notice which of the words do not sound correct, where punctuation is required, and what sentences should be modified. The purpose of reading it aloud is that when we do silent reading, our brain assumes the missing or incorrect words too and we ignore the mistakes. But when reading it, you can catch your mistakes easily in essay topic generator. Also, you can ask a friend to review it or run it through online grammar checking software for ease. 


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More Than Forty Controversial Argumentative Essay Subjects

It is a great relief when teachers themselves provide the topic for an academic essay. But sometimes, the liberty to choose a topic yourself could prove to be a major advantage. It gives us the opportunity to select the topic of interest so we might have more grasp on it. Same is the case with argumentative essays in write my essay.



 If we have a grip on a particular topic, we would be able to produce a better end result. This is because we would be aware of all the angles of research. So let us look at some argumentative essay topics that may give you some ideas according to evaluation essay: 

  1. Are humans responsible for climate change?
  2. Has technology made us too dependent?
  3. Are cell phones beneficial or dangerous for us?
  4. Do modern children possess the same behavior as older ones?
  5. Are video games responsible for violent behavior?
  6. How much should a student depend on the teacher for grades?
  7. Are the basic necessities affordable for every class?
  8. Does democracy really provide freedom of speech to all?
  9. Is there too much discrimination in wages?
  10. Should smoking in the workplace be allowed?
  11. Is co-education more beneficial for girls or boys?
  12. Should the upper class pay more taxes?
  13. Effect of television on young minds of comparative essay 
  14. Should the death penalty be legal?
  15. Does the use of steroids give an illegal advantage in sports?
  16. Animal testing should be stopped
  17. Is social media a savior or a threat?
  18. Should the punishment for law-breaking be more severe?
  19. Use of mobile phones in infants.
  20. Does the overuse of technology reduce creativity?
  21. Should employers provide tasks for home?
  22. Are grades really a measure of a person's abilities?
  23. How much uncensored material should be allowed in cinemas?
  24. Should people have the right to practice religion everywhere?
  25. Are institutions putting too much pressure on young minds?
  26. Should marketing target kids?
  27. What is more important; studies or physical activities?
  28. Are modern parents paying less attention to their children?
  29. Should match-fixing give the players a lifetime ban?
  30. Is destroying nature to make societies a positive impact?
  31. Has anxiety and stress increased with time?
  32. Is an empty mind really the devil's workshop?
  33. Is online friendship safe? That's why people pay for essay 
  34. The effects of cloning on society
  35. Is dress code the way to go?
  36. Does the education system justify one's abilities?
  37. Is teenage really a vulnerable time period?
  38. Is the marketing industry going overboard?
  39. Are professional sports stars and celebrities paid too much?
  40. Should parents use force to discipline their children?
  41. Is the judicial system really fair from all aspects?
  42. Should doctors deny seriously ill patients the expensive treatment that they can not afford?
  43. Is technology directly linked to one's loneliness?
  44. Should ridiculing be allowed on social media?
  45. Do we need to adopt a tougher approach to stop cyber harassment?
  46. Is war the answer to settle a matter?
  47. Is child labor the fault of parents or the Government?
  48. Should events be a display of pomp and show or should simplicity prevail?


As you can see there is room for many more when the topic of selecting the right argument in opinion essay is at hand. If you still feel that the topic you really want to write about is not listed, then why not get help from a professional essay writer to guide you through the existing topics?    

I have done it before with great results. You want good grades, right? By choosing the right topic, the possibilities to explore are endless. Make a note of the main points that you might feel are worthy of being in the final essay. And then go at it and make the side you support seem convincing in narrative essays. 


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Basic Writing Flow In A Rhetorical Essay

Over the years professional writing services have helped thousands of students survive academic stress and successfully get through college. Contrary to some people's perception, these services do not do your homework for you, rather they guide you through your paper by providing useful outlines, research materials, models, and word to page converter. You learn the skills through collaboration with your assigned writer and do not have to sacrifice your grades in the process.



Pay attention to the Structure

Another way to improve your argumentative essay is by making it logically flawless. One should pay close attention to the structure of the arguments and the combination of words so that all forms of formal and informal logical fallacies can be avoided in topic generator. The most common forms of logical inaccuracies that are found in argumentative arguments is the false cause fallacy. The fallacy revolves around the idea of ​​stating that an event B is caused by an event A merely because these events happened to be in the same timeline. Such forms of minute inaccuracies are only revealed once an argumentative essay is thoroughly read by an expert in logic and essay writing. A number of other logical fallacies are mentioned below, which should also be avoided when writing an argumentative essay or constructing an argument of any sort.


Avoid Logical Fallacies

Special attention needs to be given to the fact that the outline of your argumentative is clearly defined and that while writing your argumentative essay, you stick to it. A common essay outline that is used in an argumentative essay is the introduction of the topic and the thesis statement in the first paragraph. The second paragraph consisting of your main argument for the support of your thesis should be followed by some good counter arguments in the third paragraph in do my homework. The fourth paragraph should include a refutation of the counter argument and the essay should be ended with a well-worded conclusion. Several other outlines can also be adopted for the structuring of your argumentative essay depending on your topic and the complexity that exists in the arguments relevant to the topic, but the point is that the outline should be followed to maintain the flow of the paragraphs.


  • Formal Logical Fallacies:  Those fallacies which occur due to the fact that the conclusion that is being presented simply does not follow the initial claim which is being justified throughout the argument, especially applicable in case of deductive arguments are known as formal logical fallacies. Such an argument is known as a 'non-sequitur' in descriptive essay examples. One of the most common and easily fathomable examples is the following argument. 

All Dubliners are Irish. Ali is not a dubliner, therefore he is not irish.

Similarly, there are other kinds of logical fallacies which fall into the fold of formal

logical fallacies. Some famous ones include Bad Reasoning fallacy, appeal to probability and Masked Man fallacy.


  • Informal logical fallacies:  Those fallacies which exist due to the lack of supporting evidence, especially applicable in inductive arguments. The three most common types of informal logical fallacies include the fallacy of presumption, fallacy of relevance and fallacy of ambiguity in essay help. These fallacies can be further subdivided into categories but we would not go into that much detail for the purposes of this blog. 


Get Assistance

Some time ago, I came across an online service which helped me write my essay for college and the writers provided by those services were extremely professional. If you require any help in writing your argumentative essay or any essay for that matter, I would recommend you to trust online services as most of them know what they are doing.  

Number of ways to improve the flow of an argument, most of them include connecting sentences, connecting ideas and connecting paragraphs. Let's start this discussion by explaining one of the most simple techniques of improving sentences ie by using short and crisp sentences in  write my essay. The level of understanding that can be achieved by the use of simple sentences can make your argumentative essay amazing. This may sound like an easy task but explaining complex arguments in simple words without messing up is a complete skill in itself.


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Essay Writing Allows You To Be Creative

When it comes to essay writing, you can be as creative as you want. Amongst other ways to spice up your write my essay, humor is very effective. When you add humor to your essay, you achieve the aim of informing and persuading the reader by amusing the reader.

Sometimes fiction is combined with non-fiction to produce a comedic effect in an essay.



Learn some rules of adding humor to your essay:

When you add humor to an essay of book report, you have to establish a pattern of words and then misdirect the reader. It is called creative misdirection; taking readers to one place and then asking them to go to another. 

How to follow the rule of three? Simply, pair two similar ideas followed by a third incongruent concept.

As simple as it sounds. Here is an example, losing weight is as easy as ABC, more workout, less eating and live in an anti-gravity chamber.

Words with K are said to be humorous, inherently such as Cadillac, quintuplet, etc. This K rule of humorous writing a descriptive essay is used by many comedy writers.  

This technique is very handy if used in titles and subtitles. The only attention you have you give is towards the choice of words. Just muse your readers subtly with the rule of K.

However, you might use a cliché joke to misdirect your readers by changing the next part and taking the reader elsewhere.



As a writer, you must be familiar with metaphors? If yes, make use of comparison jokes as metaphors.

The key is to create an absurd visual in speech topics that is also imaginable.  



Now you have some ideas of using humor in your arsenal, it is time to learn some tips so that you may not make any valid mistake.


Keep this in your head:

Use it sparingly

Always keep your purpose in mind, do not add humor or use funny words unless necessary or if it is a good fit. Do not just randomly add a joke in a serious academic essay. Remember! The aim is to grab the reader's attention in a creative manner. If the joke distracts the reader from the original idea or theme, you are not playing it right.


Be Strategic

Everything has a purpose, so does humor in essay writing. Thus, find the best place to add a joke or funny word. Do not make the mistake of scattering jokes in an essay. professional writers always add humor to the best place in essays. 

Some essay writing companies offer the services of paper writing service to proofread your work. Avail the service and make sure your essay has the right blend of humor.   


Inform your Reader

Adding humor in some topics is definitely a hard nut to crack. Always give your reader permission to laugh. Plus, inform them you are laughing and want them to laugh too.


Humor and Sarcasm

Humor can be sarcastic at some points, but be aware that you do not offend the reader in any way. Sarcasm can be a good tool but may not fit in with humor in essay writing.

As a writer, the ball is in your court. You can use anything you want, to add a touch of humor in your essay. Another way to achieve this is by adding a joke that the reader might already know. Why limit your creativity by just making a change of a word or two in  write my paper? I would suggest, take a cliché and expand upon it. It is your job to ensure that it does not sidetrack the reader.


Useful Resources:
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Proper Business Plan To Write With Examples

Proper business planning is the first step to reducing the risk of business failure. When you are going to start a new business or plan to expand your product / services, you must see potential opportunities and corporate challenges and go for writing my essay. The right understanding of your business is possible by creating an outstanding business plan. A business plan is identified as the document that describes every detail of the business organization to determine actual corporate potential. A business plan is a systematic practical idea that consists of different and vital steps. A thorough understanding of the following passages can be helpful for you to get a brief guideline to write an excellent business plan.



Step 1: Executive Summary

The stage of an executive summary is an opportunity for you to briefly describe your business vision to the audience. The introduction of your business can be helpful for people to better understand your company's background according to gpa calculator. Identification of specific sectors related to your business is also a significant part of the executive summary. 


Step 2: Mission Statement

It is necessary for businessmen to explain their business mission clearly and briefly to others. The primary purpose of this step of the business plan is to explain your corporate expectations with potential clients. Your mission statement should consist of two major parts of your business goals and organizational objectives. If you are unsure about developing a mission statement of your business plan, there are many services who offer an essay writer who can proofread your mission statement. This practical approach can be helpful for you to grab the basic idea of ​​creating a mission statement.  


Step 3: Products and / or Services

A comprehensive document of the business plan requires you to describe your products and services to the people. Presentation of concise information in research paper topics on what you do in the form of your business is a necessary condition to successfully sell your products and services to the customers.  


Step 4: Marketing Plan

Once you are decided about the business functions, the next and most important step is to communicate your business idea to the rest of the world. A detailed analysis of the marketplace is a mandatory condition to create a marketing plan for your business product and / or service.


Step 5: Operational Plan

This phase of the business plan allows you to describe your day-to-day business activities to the audience. It requires detailed information about the business location, transportation, inventory, legal perspective, etc. according to the nature of your business in college essay. Let me remind you that an operational plan is a great chance for you to convince the reader of your business features.  


Step 6: Management Organization

This step of the business plan requires a visual presentation of your business operations in the form of a hierarchical chart. The primary objective of this development is to successfully demonstrate the existence of different business positions and explain their respective functions. The board of directors, advisors, salespersons, accountants, and technical specialists are defined as some of the important members of the company.


Step 7: Fiscal Planning

Fiscal planning is also an essential condition to avoid the risk of financial collapse. A detailed description of potential financial resources and anticipated risks is a necessary condition to reduce the hazard of business failure so why not go for essay generator. 


Step 8: Inclusion of Additional Material

The step of describing additional business material allows you to provide some extra organizational details to the readers. It is an opportunity for you as a business planner to add any technical graphs or diagrams to visually represent your business to the target audience.


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