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Save Written Arguments Through Different Techniques

Written arguments are usually needed for argumentative essays and analytical research papers. If you have never come across the task of writing an argumentative essay, this concept might seem daunting and time-taking. In the contemporary academic horizons, argumentative writing is placed at the top of all other writing genres and there are many logical reasons for paper writing service.



Are you stuck with an impending deadline for an analytical or an argumentative essay?

You may be aware that argumentative writing is not like regular writing and is more complex than verbal arguments which we tend to make in our daily lives.

New to this concept? Having trouble executing the idea of ​​an argumentative essay or research paper?

 Worry no more, as in this blog, we will explore the underpinnings of how an intricate framework of an argumentative essay is structured and this will surely help you to shape your argument effectively.

 It may be in your knowledge that the thesis statement or a basic premise of any argumentative writing needs to be debatable and must always have room for diverse interpretation or improvement. To serve this purpose, the thesis statement should fall into one of the four following categories of 'claims.'

  1. Claims associated with value:

You must frame your argument according to a specific value claim. It would help you reveal a lot of information about your personal beliefs but you have to keep certain elements in mind when executing your argument corresponding to a value claim. Remember that different groups of people have different sets of values ​​and it is necessary to keep the opposing viewpoint in mind.

  1. Claims about solutions and / or policies:

If you want to promote an existing policy or if there is a new policy framework or solution in your mind which you want to propose, then arguing a claim about solution or policy is recommended. There is an inherent suggestion that in most scenarios, more than one solutions can apply so make sure to thoroughly research one solution or policy which can be considered as applicable.

Does your argumentative essay topic revolve around a proposed policy solution? Do you have a new idea or innovative suggestion but are facing trouble in its execution?

Students sometimes are unable to wrap their heads around a unique idea? Are you in a similar situation?

If yes, then reach out to an expert essay writer for write my paper and just relax! There should be no compromise regarding a good piece of writing and sometimes, all the requirements of an argumentative essay are fulfilled but it just needs a poetic touch or a meticulous analysis.   

Keep reading to see what other argumentative claims you can incorporate in your writing to stand out.

  1. Claims revolving around definitions or facts:

A debatable fact or definition of any abstraction or prevailing conception can help you make a clear distinction between a fact and an inference. Make sure to include clearly defined language, recent data extracted from reliable authorities, and make use of factual claims to make your argumentative writing a little more persuasive.

  1. Claims about debatable causes and effects:

If you add propositions based on the concept that there is always a cause behind an effect, in your argumentative writing, then there is a high probability that you will succeed in convincing the audience about your argument.

TIP : Look into the complex nature of cause and effect and use it to claim that one of the several causes is more crucial than the others. That would lead you directly to a well-structured thesis statement.


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