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More Than Forty Controversial Argumentative Essay Subjects

It is a great relief when teachers themselves provide the topic for an academic essay. But sometimes, the liberty to choose a topic yourself could prove to be a major advantage. It gives us the opportunity to select the topic of interest so we might have more grasp on it. Same is the case with argumentative essays in write my essay.



 If we have a grip on a particular topic, we would be able to produce a better end result. This is because we would be aware of all the angles of research. So let us look at some argumentative essay topics that may give you some ideas according to evaluation essay: 

  1. Are humans responsible for climate change?
  2. Has technology made us too dependent?
  3. Are cell phones beneficial or dangerous for us?
  4. Do modern children possess the same behavior as older ones?
  5. Are video games responsible for violent behavior?
  6. How much should a student depend on the teacher for grades?
  7. Are the basic necessities affordable for every class?
  8. Does democracy really provide freedom of speech to all?
  9. Is there too much discrimination in wages?
  10. Should smoking in the workplace be allowed?
  11. Is co-education more beneficial for girls or boys?
  12. Should the upper class pay more taxes?
  13. Effect of television on young minds of comparative essay 
  14. Should the death penalty be legal?
  15. Does the use of steroids give an illegal advantage in sports?
  16. Animal testing should be stopped
  17. Is social media a savior or a threat?
  18. Should the punishment for law-breaking be more severe?
  19. Use of mobile phones in infants.
  20. Does the overuse of technology reduce creativity?
  21. Should employers provide tasks for home?
  22. Are grades really a measure of a person's abilities?
  23. How much uncensored material should be allowed in cinemas?
  24. Should people have the right to practice religion everywhere?
  25. Are institutions putting too much pressure on young minds?
  26. Should marketing target kids?
  27. What is more important; studies or physical activities?
  28. Are modern parents paying less attention to their children?
  29. Should match-fixing give the players a lifetime ban?
  30. Is destroying nature to make societies a positive impact?
  31. Has anxiety and stress increased with time?
  32. Is an empty mind really the devil's workshop?
  33. Is online friendship safe? That's why people pay for essay 
  34. The effects of cloning on society
  35. Is dress code the way to go?
  36. Does the education system justify one's abilities?
  37. Is teenage really a vulnerable time period?
  38. Is the marketing industry going overboard?
  39. Are professional sports stars and celebrities paid too much?
  40. Should parents use force to discipline their children?
  41. Is the judicial system really fair from all aspects?
  42. Should doctors deny seriously ill patients the expensive treatment that they can not afford?
  43. Is technology directly linked to one's loneliness?
  44. Should ridiculing be allowed on social media?
  45. Do we need to adopt a tougher approach to stop cyber harassment?
  46. Is war the answer to settle a matter?
  47. Is child labor the fault of parents or the Government?
  48. Should events be a display of pomp and show or should simplicity prevail?


As you can see there is room for many more when the topic of selecting the right argument in opinion essay is at hand. If you still feel that the topic you really want to write about is not listed, then why not get help from a professional essay writer to guide you through the existing topics?    

I have done it before with great results. You want good grades, right? By choosing the right topic, the possibilities to explore are endless. Make a note of the main points that you might feel are worthy of being in the final essay. And then go at it and make the side you support seem convincing in narrative essays. 


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