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Essay Writing Allows You To Be Creative

When it comes to essay writing, you can be as creative as you want. Amongst other ways to spice up your write my essay, humor is very effective. When you add humor to your essay, you achieve the aim of informing and persuading the reader by amusing the reader.

Sometimes fiction is combined with non-fiction to produce a comedic effect in an essay.



Learn some rules of adding humor to your essay:

When you add humor to an essay of book report, you have to establish a pattern of words and then misdirect the reader. It is called creative misdirection; taking readers to one place and then asking them to go to another. 

How to follow the rule of three? Simply, pair two similar ideas followed by a third incongruent concept.

As simple as it sounds. Here is an example, losing weight is as easy as ABC, more workout, less eating and live in an anti-gravity chamber.

Words with K are said to be humorous, inherently such as Cadillac, quintuplet, etc. This K rule of humorous writing a descriptive essay is used by many comedy writers.  

This technique is very handy if used in titles and subtitles. The only attention you have you give is towards the choice of words. Just muse your readers subtly with the rule of K.

However, you might use a cliché joke to misdirect your readers by changing the next part and taking the reader elsewhere.



As a writer, you must be familiar with metaphors? If yes, make use of comparison jokes as metaphors.

The key is to create an absurd visual in speech topics that is also imaginable.  



Now you have some ideas of using humor in your arsenal, it is time to learn some tips so that you may not make any valid mistake.


Keep this in your head:

Use it sparingly

Always keep your purpose in mind, do not add humor or use funny words unless necessary or if it is a good fit. Do not just randomly add a joke in a serious academic essay. Remember! The aim is to grab the reader's attention in a creative manner. If the joke distracts the reader from the original idea or theme, you are not playing it right.


Be Strategic

Everything has a purpose, so does humor in essay writing. Thus, find the best place to add a joke or funny word. Do not make the mistake of scattering jokes in an essay. professional writers always add humor to the best place in essays. 

Some essay writing companies offer the services of paper writing service to proofread your work. Avail the service and make sure your essay has the right blend of humor.   


Inform your Reader

Adding humor in some topics is definitely a hard nut to crack. Always give your reader permission to laugh. Plus, inform them you are laughing and want them to laugh too.


Humor and Sarcasm

Humor can be sarcastic at some points, but be aware that you do not offend the reader in any way. Sarcasm can be a good tool but may not fit in with humor in essay writing.

As a writer, the ball is in your court. You can use anything you want, to add a touch of humor in your essay. Another way to achieve this is by adding a joke that the reader might already know. Why limit your creativity by just making a change of a word or two in  write my paper? I would suggest, take a cliché and expand upon it. It is your job to ensure that it does not sidetrack the reader.


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